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e774 Intérpretes, a network of highly experienced simultaneous and consecutive interpreters, includes conference interpreters with long-standing experience as well as young but highly qualified interpreters. It is of utmost importance that interpreters be excellent professionals and deeply acquainted with simultaneous translation; a poor interpretation can ruin even the best event. The difference between success and failure lies in the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently. At all kinds of multilingual events, conferences, meetings, talks, congresses, courses, training sessions, seminars, focus groups, press conferences, official luncheons or dinners, interviews. Quality criteria and highest professional standards at your service, including advice and consulting on the organisation of your international events. Planning and execution of multilingual communication. Simultaneous interpreting for television and radio shows, as well as live broadcasts. Any conference including several languages is based on translation and audiovisual support. Management of interpreting booth providers and technical interpreting equipment. Having a good audio system which is operated by professionals and does not stop working in the middle of an event is key for the success of any conference organiser. As to radio and TV interpreters, being fast and not lagging behind the interviewee are critical factors. Simultaneous interpreting is the best option for meetings, conferences or seminars held in several languages, where seamless communication is required. Without any doubt, it is the quickest and most convenient type of interpreting. Consecutive interpreting is mainly suited for press conferences and does not require any technical equipment. What we say or write is much more than sound or printed words; it is the construction of our universe. e774 Intérpretes is a company offering simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan, German, Italian, Portuguese. Language interpreting, be it consecutive or simultaneous, requires a high level of concentration. If you require interpreting services from a language interpreting company, e774 is the answer to your needs. We interpret at conferences with prestigious interpreters. We translate press conferences with our special consecutive interpreting techniques. Simultaneous translation is a term usually referring to what is generally known as simultaneous interpreting. It is the method used by a qualified interpreter to interpret between languages, in which the speaker talks and the interpreter translates into the language of destination. This interpreting technique can be implemented in two different ways, that is through simultaneous or consecutive interpreting. In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter listens to the speaker from an interpreting booth equipped with the necessary technical means. From that booth, the interpreter communicates with the audience, who are wearing headphones. In this way and thanks to the interpreting quality of our simultaneous or conference interpreters, listeners perceive that what they hear through their headphones is the exact interpretation of what the speaker is saying. On the other hand, we have the consecutive interpreter. This kind of interpreter is mostly requested at press conferences. In this type of interpreting, the interpreter listens to the speaker before starting to speak him or herself. In order to ensure a correct and accurate delivery, a degree of complicity with the speaker, as well as a high level of concentration, are of great importance. e774 provides technological solutions and the best professionals amongst Barcelona interpreters to ensure that your conference, presentation or press conference becomes a success. Clear and efficient interpreting. e774 is a company providing conference interpreters, both simultaneous and consecutive